Lirik dan chord lagu can"t take my eyes off you versi joseph vincent


ANDA MENGETAHUI JUDUL DAN NAMA PENYANYIKetikkan nama penyanyi dan judul lagu, berikan tanda kutip di judul lagu, misal: Yovie "Menjaga Hati";bila tidak berhasil, cobố untuk mengilangkan tandomain authority kutip, misal: Yovie Menjaga Hati; ataudapat juga dengan mengeklik thực đơn A B C D..

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, lalu cari berdasarkan nama artis.Yovie dimulai dengan Y, klik Y. Lihat daftar lagu, dan dapatkan yang Andomain authority cari.ANDA TAK MENGETAHUI JUDUL LAGU, TAPI MENGETAHUI NAMA PENYANYIKetik nama penyanyi, misal: YOVIE, akan muncul banyak halaman, telusuri dan pilih dari halaman-halaman tersebut; atauklik menu A B C D E ...

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berdasarkan nama artis Y, cari Yovie, dan cari yang Andomain authority cari.ANDA TAK MENGETAHUI JUDUL LAGU, TAPI MENGETAHUI SYAIRKetikkan penggalan syair yang Anda ketahui, misal:Tanpamu tiada berartiTak mampu lagi berdiriCahaya kasihmu menuntunkuKembali dalam dekapan tanganmuMasukkan kata-kata penting. Misal: tiada berarti berdiri cahaya dekapan.Hindari kata-kata yang berkemungkinan memiliki ada tòng vertê mê atau lebih. Misal: tanpamu dapat ditulis tanpa mu.TETAPhường TIDAK DAPAT MENEMUKAN YANG ANDA CARIPilih thực đơn A B C D E ...

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berdasarkan nama artis atau judul lagu.
Look me in my eyes, tell me what you seeDo you think I"m cra-zy??? (AAAAAGHHH!! Just bein me)Sometimes I wanna die, maybe I"ll be freeFree from all this bullshit that"s constantly surroundin me(I can feel it in my head) I see when I"m asleepI don"t wish to discustin, cause it done been too deepI"m tired of bein" stepped on, & past around like weedLook me in my eyes (Look me in my eyes)và tell me what you see (and tell me what you see)Can you see my future, & what lies down the line?Is it just my demo, or is it just my time?Time for me lớn pay, for all the wrong I"ve sầu didI forgot to be picked off, when I was just a kidA poison in my mind, tryin khổng lồ find reliefBut I can"t get no peace, cause Shoemaukers been chasin meTryin" to mix me up, bustin down my streetsBlockin" up my door, to lớn see if he can catch meBut I don"t sell no dope, so fuck what niggas sayFuchồng Ronnie Carbone(?), & fuchồng the D.E.A.And fuông xã these undercovers, that lock me up for weedYou can tìm kiếm me all you want to lớn, but you won"t find no cheeseAnd I ain"t finmãng cầu snitch, cause I don"t know a thangDon"t ask me shit bout Steve, don"t ask me shit bout JaneI know you crackrs pissed off, I can see it in your eyesI"m down with Rap-A-Lot, until the day that I die(Until the day that I die)So fuông xã you in ya asses, you know it"s all a lieYou just wanmãng cầu destroy me, just like you did my guyBut now I must expose you, and tell my boys the truthListen up my niggaz: "The F.B.I. been watchin" you"Especially if you blaông chồng, và tryin khổng lồ leave sầu the streetsAnd get off in this music, you see the way they doin meRunnin in my crib, makin niggaz lieNigga get a scapegoat và take this 25You know I ain"t no dopeboy, ain"t never been a muleI admit I use khổng lồ sell rocks, but that was bachồng in schoolNow I just vì chưng music, & smoke a little weedbut not enough to run a dope house, so why you fuchồng with me?Look me in my eyes!Will you look in my eyes, & tell me vị you see what I see?(My eyes!)Will you look in my eyes, & tell me bởi you see a Geeeeeeeee?Look me in my eyes, I"ve sầu told all I could tell youAnd now you know too much, if you leak a word I"ll kill youYou think that I"m insane, partially deranged?You"ve sầu had your chance khổng lồ piông chồng my brain, now explainWhat"s up with all these nightmares, this long rewinding roadthat leads me to the same place I started from;right before I left home(Look me in my eyes!) I thought you was a shrinkDiagnosed my symptons, I give you time lớn thinkOK your time is up, now analyze my lifePlease remove sầu your glasses, look me in my eyes(Look me in my eyes, my eyes)You seemed to be confused, I raised up off his sofaPut baông xã on my shoes, because this sessions overI headed for the door, he stopped me in my tracksHe said he had an answer, he told me to lớn come backHe spoke the book of Matthew then he spoke the book of LukeBut he stopped at Revelations, when he just spoke the truthAnd told me all my answers, I would find in his bookIf I just stopped & looked, if I just stopped and lookedTold me khổng lồ seek in he who seeks he shall findThen he put baông xã on his glasses, & looked me in my eyesLooked me in my eyes(2x)