Take up

1. Take up = to lớn fill or occupy time or space

(transitive) When a task or duty occupies much of your time, or when a person or thành tích occupies space.

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The meeting took up the entire morning.The new sofa takes up a lot of space in my living room.Most of my day is taken up by looking after the kids.I have hundreds of videos that take up a lot of space on my computer.

2. Take up = lớn start a new hobby or interest

(transitive) When someone begins a new hobby or other activity in their không lấy phí time.

Mike has taken up running to lớn lose some weight.She has taken up knitting lớn help her relax.He took up karate at a young age & now he’s an expert.What new sport should I take up next?

3. Take up = to make a piece of clothing shorter

(transitive) to make a piece of clothing or fabric, normally a skirt or the legs of pants, shorter.

She asked for her skirt to be taken up above sầu the knee.We had lớn take up the curtains so they wouldn’t drag along the ground.My trousers are too long. I need to take them up.

4. Take up = khổng lồ resume (after an interruption)

(transitive) to continue with something after an interruption or khổng lồ continue from where someone else had finished.

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Let’s take up where we left off.The sequel takes up where the first movie finished.We will take up from where your teacher finished yesterday. mở cửa your book lớn page 52.

5. Take up = to address an issue

(transitive) to lớn speak to lớn someone about something (usually negative) khổng lồ see if they can help with that situation.

I would lượt thích lớn take this up with the manager.We should take this matter up with the city council.They can’t let this problem continue. They’ll have to lớn take it up with their boss.

6. Take (somebody) up on something = to accept

(transitive) to lớn accept an invitation, a challenge, an offer or a bet from someone.

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I’ll take you up on your offer lớn help me tomorrow.Do you think you can beat me in a race? I’ll take you up on that challenge.

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