How To Define American Suburbs

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suburban sə-​ˈbər-​bən adjective sầu or noun
suburbanite sə-​ˈbər-​bə-​ˌnīt noun

The Suburbs vs. the Urbs

Given that most of the common words in our language beginning sub- tover to have sầu meanings concerned with “beneath” (as in subterranean and submarine) or “less than” (as with subpar), you would be forgiven for assuming that the suburbs were so named because of their location below, or their status as less than, their urban counterparts. Not so, however: sub- may have sầu other meanings at the beginning of a word; in this case, it indicates not depth or inferiority, but proximity. In other words, the suburbs are a region cthảm bại to lớn the urbs.

Is urbs an English word? Yes; it is rarely used, but it refers typically khổng lồ a đô thị, particularly when distinguished from a suburb.

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Recent Examples on the Web The chases have resulted in two deaths, numerous injuries và a slew of property damage, The pursuits have divided the government of the inner-ring suburb. — Olivia Mitchell, cleveland, 23 July 2021 Shortly thereafter, he abruptly the family’s house in Maple Valley, Wash., and allegedly drove sầu lớn Redmond, another Seattle suburb, where the oto accident occurred. — Ron Kroichick, San Francisco Chronicle, 16 July 2021 In Fridley, the City Council introduced an ordinance last week paving the way lớn bring scooters to the Anoka County suburb, where 30% of residents don"t own a car, said Mayor Scott Lund. — Tim Harlow, Star Tribune, 4 July 2021 Mountain Brook is the state’s wealthiest suburb, & its schools, founded during a period of segregation in Jefferson County, have earned spots as among muốn the most segregated in America. — J.d. Crowe | Jdcrowe, al, 30 June 2021 At a typical drill in the fall of 2019 in Tama, a Tokyo suburb, 500 emergency responders, medical professionals, members of the self-defense forces and volunteers staged an hourlong simulation in muggy heat on a large mix in the park. — New York Times, 30 June 2021 Detectives later learned Abdallah, a resident of the Chicago suburb of Midlothian, had been involved in a road-rage dispute with another driver near Market và Union streets. — Alex Riggins, San Diego Union-Tribune, 29 June 2021 In late October, during a second U.S. trip, Hu sat down with McMahon at a Panera Bread restaurant in Paramus, New Jersey, a suburb about đôi mươi miles from New York City. — Sebastian Rotella, ProPublica, 23 July 2021 A few years later, the photographer William Garnett flew himself up above a stretch of flatlands in Southern California và spent several years chronicling the transformation of lima-bean fields into the gridlike suburb of Lakewood. — Justin Davidson, Curbed, 22 July 2021

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History and Etymology for suburb

Middle English suburbe, from Anglo-French, from Latin suburbium, from sub- near + urbs city — more at sub-