Sniper elite v1

Sniper Elite 1 is a Tactical Shooting video game that was released in 18 October, 2005. Today you can easily tải về Sniper Elite 1 game for PC from our website.

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Developers of this installment are Rebellion Developments Studtiện ích ios & it was published by MC2 France Studgame ios.

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In this product there is only one mode, Single Player, you cannot play this sản phẩm online.







How To Download This Game?

To download this game, you need khổng lồ install Bit Torrent or UTORRENT Software on your PC because without it, you cannot tải về this game, so install this software first before downloading this game.

How To Install This Game?

The method of installation is very easy, so just read và follow these instructions carefully!

Download game tệp tin by using Torrent SoftwareAfter downloading open folder và extract files with WinRARWhen extraction is done, open folderPlay and enjoyThat’s it

This is the exact pattern of installation & it is very easy, just follow these steps and you are good lớn go.

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Any problem, you can ask inside comments section, we are here khổng lồ help you.

Features of Sniper Elite 1 of PC

These are some best features that are included in this game và I hope you will lượt thích them & you will feel when you will play this game.

High & Stunning GraphicsAwesome Shooting SystemAdvanced Skills of Repulsing Enemy AttacksSniper Fire Simply AwesomeAwesome Soundtrack

So these are some advanced and best features included in this game & I hope you have sầu liked them.

trò chơi Producers of Sniper Elite 1

These are some developers, directors & producers of this game and this is a little information about them.

Developers are Rebellion Developments StudiosPublishers are MC2 France StudiosMode is Single PlayerRelease Date is 18 October, 2005Genre is Tactical Shooting

So these were the developers & publishers of this game and now lets have sầu a look on system requirements of this game.

System Requirements

Operating System = Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 và Windows 10