Rationale english definition and meaning

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‘Diplomatically, the American is happy khổng lồ explain the rationale behind his attitude this year.’‘Here, its chair & previous vice chair explain the rationale behind the decisions’‘But other reasons and rationales exist for adopting and strengthening an historical perspective sầu.’‘There may be rationales for such beliefs, but the weight of the evidence I"ve sầu seen does not convince me.’‘There are several reasons and rationales for guaranteeing the freedom of expression.’‘A fair process requires publithành phố about the reasons & rationales that play a part in decisions.’‘Apparently there is a rationale behind postfeminism that does have sầu a feminist basis.’‘They could come baông chồng with their list & the rationale behind it for publication on Webdiary.’‘It"s the same rationale that lurks behind the ridiculous colour-coded terror alert màn chơi.’‘What was the rationale behind the ludicrous decision lớn cutback on these schemes?’‘I can never understand the rationale behind some of the things that women bởi vì these days.’‘The rationale behind protecting the head is khổng lồ escape from the vertical heat rays.’‘The rationale behind Early Intervention was no more than blindingly obvious comtháng sense.’‘To underst& the rationale behind this gamble, you need khổng lồ be here in New Zeal&.’‘Yet, in that familiar paradox Freud makes his own, our drives have their own ineluctable logics and rationales.’‘Still it is very interesting lớn see all the various excuses và rationales in one place.’‘One of the soldiers responsible for this act of blatant provocation explained the rationale.’‘It is one of the rationales behind the law of trespass.’‘Those differences và the rationales behind them will be discussed below.’


Mid 17th century modern Latin, neuter (used as a noun) of Latin rationalis ‘endowed with reason’ (see rational).