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- Stoông xã imagery is an important component of many creative sầu workflows. Today we release two new features that make incorporating stochồng images into your work more efficient:​
Open-In Photosiêu thị from Adobe Stock: While previewing images on the Adobe Stochồng website, you can open them directly inside Photocửa hàng (or InDesign or Illustrator).

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In-Photoshop Purchase: You can now license a stoông xã image directly from the layers panel or on-canvas via a contextual thực đơn. This is in addition to lớn the currently available functionality of licensing the image via the Libraries panel.
- We will have more great Adobe Stoông xã features rolling out, one of which I’ll sneak out to lớn you now. Soon it will be easier than ever lớn contribute your own images, illustrations, vectors & Clip footage lớn Adobe Stock and be part of the world’s leading creative marketplace and start to earn royalties. You will be able to upload your work khổng lồ Adobe Stock directly from within Lightroom, Bridge, Photoshop Mix và Fix as well as the web. Our intelligent auto-tagging will make the job even easier.​
Performance Improvements- Not much makes our customers happier than when we boost Photoshop’s performance so you can get stuff done faster. So over the next few releases our engineers are heavily focusing on increasing the tốc độ of operations across the application. This will include improving start up time, removing unnecessary dialog boxes, warnings and clicks, as well as how quickly features return results.​
- Download today’s upgrade & you will notice a significantly faster installation – the phông thực đơn is up to 4x faster và Content-Aware Fill is up khổng lồ 3x faster & also delivers better results. You will also experience a faster launch time và improved opening of documents.- Note that this is just the beginning of a big, multi-release focus on performance, & we plan lớn deliver even more improvements in future updates.Photography focused features
Selection và Masking Space
- As a new Photoshop hàng hóa manager baông chồng in 2005, one of the first features I worked on was the Quiông xã Selection Tool. Now my baby is all grown up. Today we introduce Selection and Masking Space, a dedicated workspace that brings many of the best Photocửa hàng selection tools together inkhổng lồ one efficient work space, & updates them with new and improved algorithms to make creating selections and masks easier, more exact, và more efficient. In addition khổng lồ better results, we designed the new work space to lớn minimize clicks, mouse movements và user interface clutter. You’ll find a couple of new features inside the work space:Visualization controls: A Transparency slider và “Onion Skin” view mode more accurately predict results with new visualization and controls that make it easier to lớn see the edges và other qualities of the selections you are creating in real time while you are making them.Refine Edge Brush: Get more precise results with the new Refine Edge Brush that helps to more accurately separate foreground & background for complex selections.A simple brush lớn more precisely control exactly which areas of an image are selected or masked. This tool can be used for manual control.Content-Aware Crop
- A couple of weeks ago, we gave sầu you a sneak peek at the new Content-Aware Crop capabilities. In case you missed it, you can now better preserve the look of your image when you crop using the magic of Content-Aware Fill. Photocửa hàng will intelligently fill in the gaps when you rotate or exp& a canvas beyond the original image size using the Crop tool.- Here are some popular uses for it:Move sầu the horizon by adding more sky or ground
Change the aspect ratio by adding content around the edges of your imageFill in the corners when you rotate an image so you don’t give sầu up any of your pixels…& probably more we haven’t even imagined ourselvesFace-Aware Liquify

- Retouchers và anyone taking photos of people will really enjoy this new enhancement khổng lồ the Liquify tool. First introduced last year in our thiết bị di động application Photosiêu thị Fix, we have sầu improved that algorithm even more & brought it lớn Photosiêu thị CC. Now within the Liquify tool, you can use the new Face-Aware technology to lớn automatically identify and adjust facial features lượt thích jaw, nose, lips and eyes to lớn retouch them or add artistic effects.Design focused featuresMatch Font
- Today we are introducing the new Match Font feature. Thanks lớn the magic of intelligent imaging analysis, using just a picture with some text (representing a Latin based language), Photoshop will use machine learning to detect which font it is, and match it khổng lồ licensed fonts on your computer or on Typekit.- To use the feature, you open an image that includes text, for example a street sign, then make a selection of the image area that contains the text, và when Photoshop recognizes the font, it presents you with a list of closest matches for which you have licensing rights. Try it out. It feels pretty magical lớn me.- To all of you type geeks out there, and I know there are a lot of you…you might have noticed that over the last two years we have made a significant investment in many aspects of type usage in Photosiêu thị. Because it is so big, I will summarize it all here:Search and Organize Fonts Quickly
View fonts by family (new this release): A more hierarchical font thực đơn shows phông families and lets you toggle to lớn see fonts within that family, rather than seeing all fonts in a giant danh sách.Performance improvements in fonts menu (new this release): Font menu is faster because of improvements khổng lồ showing samples for each font.Favorites: Star fonts that you use frequently & then filter to lớn only show those fonts.Recently used: Photosiêu thị will display your most recently used fonts at the top of the fonts các mục.Search for fonts: Start lớn type the name of the fonts lớn find a phông, rather than browsing with a scrollbar.Go deeper into a given fontGlyph Panel: Use the Glyphs panel lớn insert punctuation, superscript và subscript characters, currency symbols, numbers, specialized characters, as well as glyphs from other languages into text.On-canvas Glyph (new this release): On-canvas thực đơn allows you to lớn view and select alternate glyphs for the currently selected character.

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Expvà beyond your commonly used fontsTypekit: Thousands of không tính phí fonts for Creative sầu Cloud members lớn use; integrated into lớn Photoshop’s font thực đơn, missing phông check workflow, similarity tìm kiếm và Match Font feature.Match Font (new this release): Start with a raster image of a Latin phông và Photocửa hàng will tell you which fonts on your local machine or in your Typekit library are cchiến bại matches.Filter by Classification: Narrow the fonts in your font danh mục by classification, lượt thích serif or sans serif.Creative sầu Cloud Libraries- We introduced Creative sầu Cloud Libraries in 2014 as a powerful way to lớn store & nói qua design elements in an easily accessible panel. With Libraries, assets can be quickly applied across multiple documents as well as shared across many other Creative Cloud applications and even shared with your friends and colleagues. If you haven’t tried Creative sầu Cloud Libraries yet, it’s time to lớn check it out.- Today we add:Read-only Library collaboration: Share a Library as read-only so your teammates can use the assets, but can’t change, rename or delete them.Adobe Stock license badge: Easily identify if a Stochồng asmix in your library is licensed.Larger Libraries panel: Photocửa hàng automatically detects if you have a large monitor and offers a bigger Libraries panel for easier asset browsing.New asmix type support: Colors can be saved into panels. In addition, looks and patterns easily captured through Adobe Capture CC (a free thiết bị di động app) can be saved khổng lồ libraries for easy use in Photocửa hàng. Plus, Styles saved in Creative Cloud Libraries can be applied by drag-and-drop directly from the Library lớn the document.Filtered Stoông xã và Library search results: Helps you find the nội dung you want faster.Artboards
- New enhancements khổng lồ Artboards in Photocửa hàng in this release include:Duplicate a layer or layer group và place the nội dung into selected artboards
Easily change an artboard backgroundView transparency within an artboardGhi chú: Các Tính năng bắt đầu của phiên bạn dạng Photoshop CC 2015.5 được Giám đốc thống trị sản phẩm Photoshop viết. Pam Clark
JDI features (Bổ sung, nâng cấp những hào kiệt cũ)Added ability lớn license Adobe Stochồng assets directly from the Layers panelAdded support to “Open in Photoshop” from stoông xã.adobe.comAdded ability lớn filter search for Adobe Stoông chồng by content typeImproved badging of licensed Stochồng assets in CC LibrariesFonts are once again grouped by font familyFont Similarity now returns results from the Adobe Typekit libraryImproved Content-aware Fill (improvement in details, reduction in blur/smudge, improved color adaptation and now on by default)Reduced the number of abnormally slow start up timesImproved brush performance (fixed things that were consuming time & shouldn’t have sầu been, improved thực đơn update speed that affected fast brush strokes)Improved type layer optimizations (much faster rasterization/update of type on large documents, much faster phông pđánh giá creation)Exporting Artboards lớn PDF: Improved performance, and added ability to include artboard names and artboard backgroundsImproved UI contrast values in the mặc định color themeNo longer need khổng lồ reinstall 3rd-các buổi tiệc nhỏ plugins with updates because of a new centralized Plug-in location (will require updates to lớn third tiệc nhỏ installers)Improved detection of buggy đoạn Clip card drivers & crash preventionImproved responsiveness for pan with two-finger gestureChanged gesture for undo/rebởi vì from two-finger khổng lồ three-finger to lớn avoid view transkhung conflictsOil Paint filter now works on some older/lower-kết thúc GPUsAdded support for OpenGL features over Remote Desktop connectionsAdded Stratasys 3D printing profilesUpdated OpenEXR file format to support newer variants of the formatSpot channel dialog can get names of colors selected from swatches panelName or color value shown in tooltip for recently used colors in swatches paletteDivide Slices command limits increased, performance improvedDocument layer count display available in status box and info paletteAbility khổng lồ add keyboard shortcuts lớn toggle if brush pressure controls size and opacityAbility to add keyboard shortcuts lớn toggle airbrush modeHelp > System Info shows the full tệp tin path for Optional và Disabled pluginsInfo panel option to always show composite (all layers) valuesGreatly reduced chances of metadata loss due to lớn external metadata editingImproved compatibility with some 3rd các buổi party OS X tools for resizing the application frame (use native all side resizing. Windows always used the native sầu reform size support).* Vì là nội dung bài viết thừa nhiều năm với trình độ Tiếng anh của mình cũng thuộc loại con gà mờ quan trọng dịch được không còn (lười) cần bản thân để vậy luôn luôn. Nhưng ví như ai đó còn vướng mắc không hiểu nhiều về cách áp dụng những tính năng mới này cđọng còn lại comment làm việc dưới. Mình đang giải thích!


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