Jual Patch Pes 2016 Murah

Patch PTE 6.0 Updates

The Patch PTE 6.0 is the final patch for the PES 2016 game. No need lớn tải về the Previous PTE patches 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 because this Patch PTE 6.0 is an All in One (AIO) Patch. Also you don’t need lớn tải về any Data Pachồng of the PES năm nhâm thìn game because the Patch included them already.

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 Premier League season 16/17 La Liga season 16/17 Serie A season 16/17 Ligue 1 season 16/17 Bundesliga season 16/17 Liga NOS season 16/17 New kits for: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Turkey, Chile, USA, Algeria, nhật bản, Korea Republic, Iran, Australia Added new faces, including: R. Sanches, G. Jesus, J. Lukaku | + 60 Updated managers New league logos for 2016/2017 season New sleeve sầu badges for 2016/2017 season New team logos for 2016/2017 season Added new boots, balls và gloves Fixed accessories and boots for a lot of players Fixed some bugs including the UEFA Euro soundtrack

Cheông xã this Facebook liên kết lớn watch screenshots of the new gloves, boots, kits và faces that are added in the Patch PTE 6.0: PTE Facebook liên kết.

Patch PTE 6.0 (PES 2016)

Download Patch PTE 6.0

To tải về the Patch PTE 6.0 you need lớn choose first between Zippycốt truyện (đôi mươi link each link is 200 MB) or Mega liên kết (6 links each links is 650 MB). Mega liên kết are usually for people who don’t have sầu Internet Download Manager (IDM), & Zippymô tả links are for people who have sầu IDM.

You need to lớn open the liên kết & wait 5 seconds (you will see the timing in top right corner of the browser), and then you clichồng on “Skip Ad”. you keep doing the same every time until you reach the Download link of the Patch PTE 6.0 .

► Patch PTE 6.0 Download Links:

▷ Mega Link 1▷ Mega Link 2▷ Mega Link 3 ▷ Mega Link 4 ▷ Mega Link 5▷ Mega Link 6


▷ Zyppichia sẻ Link 1 ▷ Zyppigiới thiệu Link 11▷ Zyppitóm tắt Link 2 ▷ Zyppicốt truyện Link 12▷ Zyppitóm tắt Link 3 ▷ Zyppitóm tắt Link 13▷ Zyppimô tả Link 4 ▷ Zyppitóm tắt Link 14▷ Zyppinội dung Link 5 ▷ Zyppicốt truyện Link 15 ▷ Zyppitóm tắt Link 6 ▷ Zyppitóm tắt Link 16▷ Zyppishare Link 7 ▷ Zyppishare Link 17▷ Zyppigiới thiệu Link 8 ▷ Zyppitóm tắt Link 18▷ Zyppicốt truyện Link 9 ▷ Zyppigiới thiệu Link 19▷ Zyppinói qua Link 10 ▷ Zyppicốt truyện Link 20

► Download IDM ( 30 days FREE Trial)

Install Patch PTE 6.0

To install the Patch PTE 6.0 please follow my YouTube Tutorial below very carefully to lớn avoid errors. If you face any error please try installing again the Patch PTE 6.0 following my đoạn Clip steps & carefully read the texts written in the đoạn Clip below:

Patch PTE 6.0 Extra Features

After installing the Patch PTE 6.0 on your PC, you will see a new shortcut of PTE patch. That is a PTE selector program that allows you to activate some extra cool features such Scoreboards, Pitch mode, Sweet Fx and Referees kits.

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These features are included already in the Patch PTE 6.0, you just need khổng lồ follow my Tutorial Clip below to lớn activate them:

PTE Patches for PES Game

PTE Patches proved to lớn be the best Patches for the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) games, simply because the PTE Team work on the Quality more than anything.

As PES Fans know that the PES năm 2016 game laông xã many licences, PTE patches come khổng lồ fix these Licences and add many cool features. These are the General Features of the PTE Patches:

 Full Bundesliga 2015-năm 2016 Licensed. Premier League, Championship, Liga NOS Licensed. Liga BBVA Bancomer 2015-năm 2016 Licensed. New teams: Rapid Wien, Midtjyllvà, Krasnodar, Molde, Lokomotiv Moscow, Sion, Asteras, Legia, Bate, Malmo, Shakhtar, Dinamo Zagreb, CSKA, Astamãng cầu, Dnipro, Red Bull Salzburg, Anderlecht, Celtic, Fenerbahçe, Besiktas, Plzen, Slovan Liberec và Crvemãng cầu Zvezdomain authority. Kits for all the unlicensed National Teams. Kits for all unlicensed Argentinian and Chilean Teams. Real logos & names for all the unlicensed leagues & competitions. Added faces, balls, boots, gloves and sleeve badges. Added photos và names for all managers. Real stadium names for all teams. New stadiums added, correctly assigned to the respective teams. Patch compatible with the Greek & Russian languages. Patch compatible Online.PTE patch Team PES 2016

► Credits:

Konangươi, PTE Team, Nemanja, PES Logos, danyy77, buffon99, klashman69, zlac, Jenkey, cabry, fruits, moody, pesmonkey, -InMortal-, gabe.paul.logan, pimplo, donkscrispo, muske25, nemesisk, gasparzinho, VinVanDam, Estarlen Silva, a7med sb, cRoNoSHaCk, barcabạn, Tunizizou, ramy, Tasci, Cuky, Maritimo, AMussolini, steadyontherem8, Wens, Tisera09, killer1896, SantyArgentina, Znovik_S, pantelg7, rednik, Kairzhanov_21, spiritusanlớn, KOH, HD3011, Hawke, Andry_Dexter11, MarioMilan, smeagol75, starvin, juce, NikoLiberty4, boonaun, Txak, Tizziano, TwistedLogic, basilhspa013, Kuzmich, GOALARG, Swoosh1968, Bilgehan Alpaydin, Baris Yerlikaya, Killacarrillo, Shram.

– Special thanks khổng lồ Brezinho, Gindomain authority, everst9, mckagan22 và PES Arabia.– Special thanks lớn A. Hernandez for the Argentinian and Chilean kit paông xã.– Big thanks lớn the “TEAM PES MX” & their creators, Donalvì Medina, xDark Mauri15x, Mindmaster và UBarreras for the LIGA BBVA Bancomer for PTE Patch. Follow the “TEAM PES MX” quality work on their facebook page: Team-PES-MX .