We are on the same wavelength

In complete accord, in rapport, as in Conductor, orchestra members, soloists, và chorus all were on the same wavelength, making for a wonderful performance. This term alludes khổng lồ radio waves that carry a broadcast.

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On the Road, on the rocks, on the ropes, on the run, on the safe side, on the same wavelength, on-the-scene, on the shelf, on the side, on the sidelines, on the side of the angels

On the same wavelength is a phrase that means people are acting or thinking in accord or agreement, The plan went off without a hitch because everyone was on the same wavelength & worked great together. 

On the same wavelength describes a situation in which people are working well together or operating in harmony because they have sầu the same thought process. On the same wavelength is generally used to mean people are cooperating or at the very least agreeing with each other.

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The negative sầu form—not on the same wavelength—is often used khổng lồ mean that people don’t agree or have sầu completely different thoughts on something, as in The painters clearly weren’t on the same wavelength as every wall was painted a different color. 

Example: The actress and director were clearly on the same wavelength, because she barely had khổng lồ give sầu her any directions on her performance. 

Where does on the same wavelength come from?

The first records of on the same wavelength come from around 1925. The phrase alludes lớn radio waves that carry radio broadcasts. If two radio stations are literally on the same wavelength, you would hear both stations at the same time on your radio.

On the same wavelength is often used to lớn describe relationships of a team or group who are supposed khổng lồ be working together on something. The phrase is used to lớn describe groups that are cooperating very well and appear to lớn agree on what should be done or how khổng lồ accomplish tasks. More generally, on the same wavelength is used to lớn mean that people agree with each other about something.

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How is on the same wavelength used in real life?

On the same wavelength refers to people agreeing or acting in harmony.

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Sis next lớn me on the plane has antibacterial wipes and vitamin C. We exchanged eye liên hệ & a head nod because we’re on the same wavelength. Our row is sanitized.

BreeNewsome) March 2, 2020

There's nothing better than spending time with like-minded people who are on the same wavelength & genuinely want the best for you.

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— Brian D. Evans (
BrianDEvans) March 25, 2018

I swear hunter và I are on THE SAME wavelength. We went Christmas shopping for each other yesterday(separately) and come baông xã trang chính. I bought little Reese’s trees for hyên ổn and I gave sầu them khổng lồ him và he pulled out MORE REESE’S TREES. I love hyên ổn lol

— cortneemh (
cortneemh) November 16, 2020

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Paul và John must have been on the same wavelength because they just couldn’t agree on anything.

Words related to lớn on the same wavelength

adaptable, consistent, suitable, appropriate, accordant, congenial, congruent, congruous, consonant, cooperative, fit, fitting, harmonious, like-minded, meet, proper, sympathetic, together, cốt tông to lớn, in the groove

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