Be on pins and needles

"Pins & needles" are a sensation of uncomfortable tingling or prickling, usually felt in the arms, legs, hands or feet. A comtháng cause is pressure on a specific part of the arm or leg, which causes compression of nerves. This usually resolves quickly when the position is changed & the pressure is removed.Persistent pins & needles may be symptomatic of more serious conditions, such as nerve injury or inflammation.Always see your doctor if you experience persistent or frequent episodes of pins & needles.

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‘Pins và needles’ (paresthesia) is a sensation of uncomfortable tingling, prickling, itching or skin crawling usually felt in the hands or feet. The affected area is sometimes said to have ‘fallen asleep’.A comtháng cause of pins and needles is leaning or lying awkwardly on an arm or leg, which either presses against the nerves or reduces the blood supply khổng lồ the local area. Changing position usually quickly restores normal feeling as the nerves start sending messages khổng lồ the brain & spinal cord again.In some cases, pins và needles are caused by temporary or permanent nerve sầu damage or certain disorders of the central nervous system. Always see your doctor if you experience frequent or persistent bouts of pins & needles.

Symptoms of pins và needles

Common features of pins and needles include:

prickling & tingling sensationnumbnessreturn of normal feeling a few minutes after changing position.

Hands, arms, legs & feet are the parts of the toàn thân most commonly affected.

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Causes of pins & needles

Pins & needles can be caused by a wide range of events and conditions involving nerves, including:

pressure on nerves (frequent in pregnancy)pinched nervesinflammation of the nerves (neuritis)nerve sầu disease (neuropathy)reduced blood supplynerve injuryhyperventilation or breathing excessivelythe effect of toxic substances on the nerves, such as alcohol or leadthe use of certain medicationsdiabetesmultiple sclerosishypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland)transient ischaemic attack (TIA)stroke.

Pressure-related pins and needles

The nerves of the toàn thân sover information baông xã lớn the brain and spinal cord. When a sensory nerve is pressed by being in a cramped or awkward position the messages are interrupted, which can cause pins and needles.Once pressure is taken off the nerve sầu, functioning resumes. An uncomfortable prickling sensation is caused by the restarting of pain messages from nerves to lớn the brain. This usually resolves within minutes. An example of this is when you hit your elbow and feel a tingling sensation in your little finger. 

Pinched nerves & pins and needles

Nerves can be compressed or ‘pinched’ by bones và other tissue. Some examples include:

cervuialo.netal nerve sầu root irritation – nerves in the neông xã exit the spinal cord via small holes between the vertebrae. These small holes can be narrowed by inflammation, injury or outgrowths of bone tissue (bone spurs). The nerves are irritated or compressed, causing pins và needles &, sometimes, referred pain inlớn the arms


Neuritis is inflammation of the nerves. Pins & needles are one of the symptoms of neuritis. Some of the causes of neuritis include:

alcohol – chronic overconsumption of alcohol can be toxic lớn nerves và cause a condition called peripheral neuropathy

Nerve disease

Nerve sầu disease, or neuropathy, is characterised by the lack of sensory information khổng lồ the brain due lớn damage of the sensory nerves. For example, a person with neuropathy may not experience pain khổng lồ the usual degree, if at all.

When to lớn seek medical advuialo.nete for pins and needles

The occasional bout of pins và needles is a harmless sự kiện. However, chronic pins & needles can be a warning of some other underlying disorder. Always see your doctor for a thorough medical investigation if you experience persistent or frequent episodes of numbness or pins & needles.

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Treatment for pins và needles

Treatment depends on the cause. For example, carpal tunnel syndrome may be treated with rest, splinting and medications such as anti-inflammatory và diuretic medications. A compressed or irritated nerve may require treatment such as physiotherapy, medication or (in some cases) surgery lớn ease the pressure and allow full nerve functioning to lớn resume. 

Underlying conditions such as diabetes need to lớn be properly controlled to ease associated symptoms, including pins and needles. The symptoms of nerve inflammation & damage caused by chronic overconsumption of alcohol generally improve once the person stops drinking.