Look forward to

“look forward to” is a very comtháng expression in English but what does it mean exactly?

Meaning: To think about something in the future with pleasure. To be pleased or excited that something is going to happen.

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I’m looking forward lớn the concert.


This means that I am excited about the concert that is taking place at some time in the future. I am thinking about it positively và with pleasure.

Let’s look at the size and grammar rules with some more examples.


There are 3 common structures:

Structure 1 – with a noun phrase

Form: look forward to lớn + noun phrase


Jane is looking forward khổng lồ her birthday.


I’m looking forward lớn the weekend. Mark is looking forward to the tiệc nhỏ.

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Structure 2 – with a gerund

Form: look forward lớn + gerund (ING size of verb)

A gerund is the ING form of a verb. It is a verb acting as a noun.


Mark is looking forward lớn buying a house.

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I’m looking forward to lớn going lớn London. I’m looking forward lớn meeting you.

We bởi not use the base form of the verb:

I’m looking forward to go lớn London. Mark is looking forward to buy a house. I’m looking forward to lớn meet you.

Structure 3 – a verb with a different subject

If the second verb has a different subject, we use the object pronoun. We bởi vì not use the subject pronoun.

Form: look forward lớn + object pronoun + gerund


I’m looking forward to lớn him visiting me next week. Meaning: Mark is visiting me next week. I’m excited about it.

Rethành viên, we bởi vì not use the subject pronoun as the subject of the second verb: I’m looking forward to lớn he visiting me next week.

Common in written English

“look forward to” is very common in written English, particularly in business English.

We often use it at the end of a letter or email. In this context, the meaning is not that we are excited about something. It’s a polite way of asking someone to lớn bởi vì something. It is a way of telling someone that we are expecting them to lớn vày something for us.

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We use the present simple khung.


We look forward to lớn receiving the contract. (A polite way of saying “Send us the contract.”)

I look forward to your reply. (A polite way of saying “Make sure you reply to lớn this message.”)

I look forward khổng lồ hearing from you soon. (Another polite way of saying “Make sure you reply khổng lồ this message.”)

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