Characteristics of a Kinaesthetic Learner

Kinaesthetic Learning is a specific style of learning, We all have preferred learning styles that help us to lớn engage with content and retain information. The three core learning styles are Auditory, Visual and Kinaesthetic Learning. Read our blog on Visual Learning Characteristics here.

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Kinaesthetic learning happens when we have a hands-on experience. An example of a kinaesthetic learning experience is when a child learns to lớn use a swing or to ride a xe đạp. They can read instructions or listen to instructions, but deep learning occurs via the process of doing.

The characteristics of a kinaesthetic learner are that they need a multi-sensory learning environment for deep learning as they learn through ‘doing’. A kinaesthetic learner is someone who needs to lớn be actively engaged in their learning. They are ‘tactile’ learners who use movement, testing, trial & error and a non-traditional learning environment to lớn retain and ređiện thoại tư vấn information.

What are some comtháng Kinaesthetic Learner traits?

Understvà more when learning through hands-on experienceBecome easily bored in a traditional classroomLearn through movement Enjoy sports & physical activityIs an active sầu participant rather than a passive sầu observer when learningEnjoys opportunities lớn go on excursions or be outside the classroom –Likes lớn build things and work with their handsLoves testing things & experimenting và creatingIs restless when they are sedentaryThey are hvà talkers và expressive in nature.They love sầu lớn try new things và rely on what they can experience or perform

What are the best ways lớn teach a Kinaesthetic Learner?

When teaching it is important to understvà the most effective ways your students retain information & understand the concepts you teach them.

When you can identify those that need a traditional approach, with handouts, lecture-style lessons and verbal summaries, you can cater to lớn the auditory learners.

Students who need mind-maps, colour-coded notes và visual guides will appreciate information set out this way. They are visual learners.

Make sure you have ‘hands-on’ experiences, lessons that have sầu a practical aspect and include movement for kinaesthetic learners.


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