What does the expression, 'it doesn't make sense,' mean?

Are the expressions "This doesn"t make sense" và "This makes no sense" equivalents? If not, what"s the difference?



At a first approximation they mean the same thing, but there is an important difference.

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"This doesn"t make sense" is simply pointing out an inconsistency in whatever is being discussed. Eg, perhaps a column of numbers does not add correctly. Or, alternatively, it could be pointing out that phrase or sentence is somehow garbled and hard khổng lồ understvà.

"This makes no sense" is saying that substantial parts of the materials being discussed are inconsistent or impossible to lớn understvà. In essence it"s saying "This is nonsense".


These phrases are equivalent in meaning & a google ngram query indicates roughly the same frequency of usage.

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Oldcat"s bình luận does reveal a subtle distinction if you require emphasis.

Thanks, but I failed lớn insert the graph in the answer field, which is really what I was after. –user98990 Jan 15 "15 at 23:22

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