How to remove ‘idm has been registered with the fake serial number ’ error?

‘Internet Download Manager (IDM) is used because it helps you download high-speed files from the website. But current IDM we are using mostly IDM Iraq, ie the key used illegally. Rarely see people buying a license IDM key. After a while, the founders of this downloadable IDM software discovered and blocked all those pirated keys. It causes you to lớn receive sầu a message ” IDM has been registered with a kém chất lượng Serial Number or the Serial Number ” of IDM when you are aý muốn those identified by IDM using an unauthorized key.

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Cách sửa lỗi IDM has been registered with the fake serial number

This error annoys you very much because it appears every time you want to tải về some files or boot your system.

This article will reveal two simple and easy steps to lớn get rid of this message without using any torrent files or not using any serial keys.

Let’s start with methods to solve sầu IDM’s problem, which shows ‘IDM has been registered with the kém chất lượng serial number’.

Before proceeding to use IObit Uninstaller khổng lồ uninstall IDM before ultimately.

Method 1: Edit with IDM File

Step 1:

Open an Explorer window & navigate lớn the “Internet Download Manager” thư mục in the program file.

mở cửa the folder “Internet Download Manager” lớn see the menu of files, as shown below:

Sửa lỗi

Step 2:

In the window that opens, search for và delete the tệp tin ‘IDMGrHlp.exe’. And copy ‘idmBroker.exe’ from the same folder and paste it inlớn the same folder.

Step 3:

Now rename the copied tệp tin of ‘ idmBroker.exe ‘ to ‘ IDMGrHlp.exe ‘ as shown below:

thay tên idmBroker.exe cộ file khổng lồ IDMGrHlp.exe bên trong internet download manager

Step 4:

The last step is to reboot your system khổng lồ apply the newly edited IDM & download without interruption.

Method 2: Use File Host

Step 1. mở cửa an Explorer window và navigate khổng lồ the “C: Windows System32 drivers etc” folder.

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This directory contains five files, including one ‘hosts‘ file.

mở file hosts

Step 2. Right-cliông chồng on that tệp tin followed by Open With >> Notepad.

nhấp phải để chỉnh sửa host file

Step 3. Once you have opened this file in Notepad, in my case, I’m using ‘ Notepad ++ it doesn’t make any difference.

Now copy the following code lines & paste it after the last line in the ‘ hostsfile & save sầu.

Your code looks lượt thích this:

Step 4. Now just reboot your system khổng lồ see the effect. Enjoy downloading without interruption.

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Note: Method 2 will allow you khổng lồ use IDM without registering IDM on the mạng internet.

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