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He seemed ill at ease when we spoke with him. I"m usually ill at ease when addressing a large crowd of people.
Recent Examples on the Web Still, many people are intimidated at the thought of going lớn a truly fine dining restaurant in fear that they may be made khổng lồ feel ill at ease và discomfited. — John Mariani, Forbes, 10 May 2021 In the Amazing Grace documentary that was recently unearthed, the real-life footage of Aretha looking ill at ease as her father takes over the podium for a speech now makes more sense. — David Browne, Rolling Stone, 15 Mar. 2021 The more the federal administration frustrates such a program, the more conservatives would find themselves at the head of a coalition of millions of Americans ill at ease with federal overreach. — Douglas Carswell, National Review, 7 Feb. 2021 Ryan is merely one of several public officials in Portl& who have been confronted – sometimes violently – by far-left protesters ill at ease with their policies on law enforcement. — Bradford Betz, Fox News, 15 Jan.

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2021 Steinbeck’s was a soul profoundly ill at ease with itself: The ability to take praise as well as blame in his stride eluded hlặng throughout the years. — Vivian Gorniông xã, The New Republic, 9 Oct. 2020 Heaney would not have sầu been ill at ease in these environs. — James Parker, The Atlantic, đôi mươi June 20đôi mươi Stylistically, the president himself seemed ill at ease in the formal setting, offering a monotone and labored delivery from behind the Resolute Desk, twiddling his thumbs và even, in moments, struggling lớn read words on the teleprompter. — Author: Philip Rucker, Ashley Parker, Josh Dawsey, Anchorage Daily News, 13 Mar. 20trăng tròn Since his condition inevitably makes him ill at ease in social situations, Bart has devised a clever, if fiendish, way khổng lồ improve sầu himself. — Frank Skiểm tra, The Hollywood Reporter, 19 Feb. 20đôi mươi

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