Can you be an environmentalist—and fly?

Fighting for a cleaner planet is a worthy cause, without a shadow of a doubt. However, it is not worthy khổng lồ adopt attitudes that are in clear conflict with one’s own convictions. Perhaps not by chance, those who embrace certain ideas with an intransigent approach tover to lớn be affected by heavy cognitive sầu dissonances, behaving in a way that they blame in others. And certain (self-styled) environmentalists are an example of this.

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The extract below was taken from a report by the EEA (European Environment Agency), which addresses, ahy vọng other things, the growing problem of the environmental impact of air travel.

To date, developing more sustainable travel policies by attempting to lớn change cultural or societal practices has primarily targeted road transport rather than aviation and commuting và business travel rather than leisure activities . This is illustrated by a continued high màn chơi of air travel aý muốn individuals otherwise defining themselves as ‘pro-environmentalists’, who vị not abstain from air travel despite a relatively high awareness of environmental issues .

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The problem of cognitive sầu dissonance mentioned above is quite clear. Taking the plane to lớn visit any place we can think of is a first-world luxury, fed by that weird belief that traveling is like collecting football stickers: the more you have sầu of them, the more you feel fulfilled. Beyond your own personal opinion about it, such a lifestyle is definitely not green.


Leisure (air) traveling is just an example of the contradictions that characterize certain environmentalists. Another one is online shopping, often considered as a green alternative to traditional shopping: Amazon has implemented a massive marketing campaign to reassure customers about the environmental impact of its operations. And it succeeded, by simply using specific keyword, such as ecological packaging. The greedy buyer needs little to lớn silence his/her conscience; after all, a more thorough inspection could lead to lớn the renunciation of the object of desire. The environmental impact of Amazon’s shipments is a fact. Plus, the more the buyer is not willing khổng lồ wait lớn receive sầu the cửa nhà at trang chủ, the higher the environmental impact of the Amazon shipment.


Food is another field where too often personalism & ideologies emerge, which are not that worthy. The stigmatization of meat consumption is abused and careless, for in most cases the issue is not addressed scientifically và data is misinterpreted. For instance, moderate consumers of chất lượng meat are judged to be the same as frequent McDonald’s and KFC visitors. But once again, visceral incoherence is the real problem. The dramatic increase in the consumption of quinoa has a devastating impact on biodiversity and on the environment, as well as on the conditions of Bolivian và Peruvian farmers who grow it. The same goes for avocabởi vì and other green foods, or presumed green foods. Many vegan, green, organic products vày not have a limited environmental impact at all, mainly because 1) they are based on ingredients that travel thousands of miles before arriving on our plates, 2) require a large use of resources and 3) their production is linked khổng lồ significant emissions. This article addresses these points very well.

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Those discussed here are just a few examples of the contradictions that characterize some environmentalists. The road khổng lồ a cleaner planet cannot disregard a massive sầu change in our way of life. This is clear khổng lồ many people. What should perhaps be reiterated is that this rule applies lớn everyone, environmentalists included.