Cheat CodesNote: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor lớn edit the “settings.txt” tệp tin in the “C:/Users//My Games/Runic Games/Torchlight 2/Save/” directory. Look for the following line:console:0and change it to:console:1While playing the game, press lớn display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes and press lớn activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Enabling a code could get your trương mục separated from unmodified versions of Torchlight 2. Some may mark you as a suspicious player.

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Set time of day settime Set timescale for time of day settimescale

Add a friover by username or e-mail addfriendbyuser

Result Cheat Code
List all console commands help
Toggle God mode god
Toggle God và Speed mode godspeed
Toggle additional tốc độ for player speed
Toggle combat log combatlog
Toggle quái vật AI aifreeze
Toggle player”s pet disablepet
Increase experience lớn next level levelup
List all belts belt
List all boots boots
List all chest armor chest armor
List all fish fish
List all gems socketable
List all gloves gloves
List all helmets helmet
List all potions potion
List all scrolls scroll
List all shoulder armor shoulder armor
List all spells spell
List all trinkets trinket
List all weapons weapon
List skills skill
Gain no more experience noxp
Gain amount in all stats allstats
Gain skill amount skill /
Gain statpoints statpoints
Gain money money
Spawn class spawnclass , ,
List all spawn classes spawnclass
Spawn cống phẩm in indicated index slot item ,
Go down a floor ascend
Go up a floor descend
Identify all items in the inventory, excluding pet”s inventory identifyall
Kill all monsters killall
List all quests quests
Monsters ignore player playernotarget
Player always gets critical hits alwayscrit
Reload textures reload
Reset pet”s level to lớn 1 resetpetlevel
Rephối player”s skills resetskills
Reset player”s statpoints resetstats
Remix player”s level khổng lồ 1 resetplayerlevel
Rephối player”s level, skills, & stats resetplayer
Restart current level restartlevel
Return lớn room player is currently in room
Set quest as completed questcomplete
Set quest lớn active questactive
Set camera distance cameradistance
Set game difficulty setdifficulty
Set pet level setpetlevel
Set amount of Fame fame
Set amount of skill points skill points
Set amount of Strength strength
Set amount of Dexterity dexterity
Set amount of Magic magic
Set amount of defense defence
Spawn a stash nearby stash
Spawn a shared stash at unknown location shared stash
View frame rate fps
Display current difficulty difficulty
Clear console window history cls

Secret dungeons & questsScattered throughout the game are hidden “Robot Part” quest items. They are all located inside dungeons. Once you find the first Robot Part, a side quest called “Robot Parts” will begin. The five robot parts are located in the following locations:Act 1Widow”s Veil (Crow”s Pass): Light all the unlit braziers throughout the dungeon to lớn unlochồng a secret room containing the first part; the Robotic Drum.Act 2Tower Of The Moon (Ossean Wastes): Hit each of the gongs throughout the dungeon lớn unlochồng a secret area containing the Robotic Arm.Brood Hive sầu (Salt Barrens): Reach the last floor of the dungeon, then crush all the roach eggs to lớn unloông chồng a secret area containing the Robotic Pipes.Act 3Abandoned Sawmill (Blightbogs): Remove sầu the skeletons stuck to lớn the walls to lớn unloông chồng a secret area containing the Robotic Body.Cacklespit”s Realm (Sundered Battlefield): To reach Cacklespit”s Realm, you must first complete a quest to find a bell in the Marshlands. Place the bell, và complete the side quest to unlochồng Cacklespit”s Realm. In this dungeon, destroy three tree stumps to lớn unloông chồng a secret area containing the Robot Head.Note: The robot parts cannot be returned lớn the Professor until The Broken Mines are open through the main questline in Act 4. Return to the Zeryphesh in Act 2, và take the five sầu robot parts lớn Professor Stoker. He will construct the Trillbot-4000, a secret quest-giver & returning character from the original Torchlight. Speak with hyên ổn khổng lồ unlock new dungeons, & quests khổng lồ fight tough bosses.Borderlands Easter EggYou can find a hidden CL4P-TP (Claptrap) from Borderlands in Bloatfang”s area in Act 3: “Some Assembly Required”. Defeat the Bloatfang, then go to the ledge where the Automaton Power nguồn Source và chest are located. Follow the path leading south & west around the quái thú area. At the southern part of the màn chơi, you can find a CL4P-TP between some rocks. He will congratulate you for defeating Bloatfang & give sầu you Claptrap”s Bolt (Armor/Trinkets: Increase charge rate by 10%, Weapon: Conveys 5% chance to lớn Shochồng for 5 seconds, thành tích Level 32).Minecraft Easter EggDuring Act 3, continue doing quests until you are told to go to lớn the Sundered Battlefield. In the battlefields, go khổng lồ the very top northern edge of the map. Near the tip, you should find the entrance to lớn the “Notch”s Mine” dungeon. Notch is the handle of Markus Persson, a co-founder of Mojang và one of the original developers of Minecraft. Inside this very small dungeon, you will find some evil Creepers — infamous Minecraft enemies that hide in the shadows & explode when they get cđại bại. At the end of the dungeon, there is a treasure chest with a very unique weapon inside called the Iron Sword. The sword does 297 damage per second và is Level 42.

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Resident Evil 4 referenceAn early vendor resembles the stranger from Resident Evil 4, opening his jacket to reveal his wares in a similar manner.The Goonies Easter EggEarly in the game, you can find a dungeon called Plunder Cove. You can access the area after finding a Lantern in the Temple Steppes. It is a reference khổng lồ The Goonies movie. Inside you can find the toàn thân of “Chester Cobblepot” who will drop a chất lượng thành phầm called “One Eyed Willy”s Other Eye”.The Silence Of The Lambs Easter EggIn the Frosted Hills, you can find a special dungeon full of Bandits. Inside you can find a bucket attached khổng lồ a rope near the hole. Clicking it will prompt you to lớn “Put the lotion in the bucket.” If you find the lotion nearby và cliông xã on the bucket again, you will discover “Buffalo Bill”s Hide Mask”. This is a reference khổng lồ the serial killer in The Silence Of The Lambs movie who would cut off women”s skin lớn wear.The Thing Easter EggIn the Frosted Hills, you can find a special dungeon that pays homage to John Carpenter”s The Thing movie. Inside, you will find a book with notes from Blair, a character in the film. Later, you will find a boss in the size of a transforming Netherfiend, a reference to the movie where the alien would take the shape of the humans it killed. You will also get a key to lớn the Kennel, with more wolves inside that also turn inlớn Netherfiends, a reference to lớn the transforming Boss dog in the movie. Additionally, you can find a special weapon at the end called “Macready”s Shotgun”, a reference to Kurt Russell”s character.

Steam achievementsSuccessfully complete the indicated task to lớn unlochồng the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements & stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game & view stats.A New Trick: Teach a pet a spell. Apprentice Baiter: Fish 10 times. Arachnothanatology: Defeat the Winter Widow. Breaker: Break 100 breakables. Bull In A Đài Loan Trung Quốc Shop: Break 10,000 breakables. Butterfly: Have 50 friends. Cartophile: Use 100 maps. Casuality: Defeat the Nether King in Casual difficulty. Casually Hardcore: Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (casual). Century Mark: Reach level 100. Champ Battler: Defeat 25 champions. Champ Master: Defeat 100 champions. Champ Overlord: Defeat 500 champions. Chest Nut: Open 500 chests. Classist: Defeat the Nether King with each of the 4 classes. Continuing Education: Learn 4 spells. Critter Crusher: Squish 1000 critters. De-Aleera-ious: Defeat Aleera. DEAD THINGS!: Defeat One-Eyed Willy. Destructor: Break 1,000 breakables. Ding Dong: Defeat Cacklespit. Dragon Slayer: Defeat Vyrax. Elitist: Defeat the Nether King in Elite difficulty. Emancipator: Defeat Kidrik the Mauler. Enchanted: Use an enchanter 10 times. Ezrek Gone: Defeat Ezrek Khan. Fair Verona: Defeat Verona. Fetch A Fair Price: Send your pet lớn town. Flyswatter: Defeat Bloatfang. For A Rainy Day: Have 100,000 gold. Friendly: Add a friend. From The Pit: Defeat Mordrox. From The Top: Begin new game plus. Gambling Enthusiast: Purchase 20 items from the gambler. Gambling Fiend: Purchase 100 items from the gambler. Gambling Professional: Purchase 50 items from the gambler. Gem Hoarding: Recover 100 gems from items. Gem Preservation: Recover 10 gems from items. Gem Recovery: Recover a gem from an công trình. Get This Party Started: Start a multiplayer game. Ghost Buster: Defeat Thiss. Gib Aficionado: Explode 1,000 enemies. Gib Tycoon: Explode 10,000 enemies. Gibster: Explode 100 enemies. Globe-trotter: Take 100,000 steps. Goodbye Cruel World: Die with a hardcore character. Gooey Soles: Squish 100 critters. Grvà Regicide: Defeat Grand Regent Eldrayn. Guzzler: Use 5,000 potions. Hardcore: Start a hardcore character. Hardcore Veteran: Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (veteran). Having A Blast: Fish using dynamite. Hypercritical: Deal 100,000 critical strikes. I Know a Secret: Find a secret room. Ice Breaker: Destroy 100 socketed gems. In Service of Secrets: Find 10 secret rooms. In Your World: Join a multiplayer game. Journeyman Fisher: Fish 100 times. Killbot・Killed: Defeat Killbot. Lizard Breaker: Defeat Aruk. Manticore: Defeat the Manticore. Map Enthusiast: Use 10 maps. Marishkabob: Defeat Marishka. Massive sầu Crits: Deal 10,000 critical strikes. Master Angler: Fish 1,000 times. Mission Accomplished: Defeat the Dark Alchemist. Mod Maniac: Play a game using 5 mods. Mod Squad: Install a thủ thuật. Modpocalypse: Play a game using 10 mods. Mushroom Picking: Defeat Boletus Rex. Nest Egg: Have 1,000,000 gold. No More Secrets: Find 100 secret rooms. Normalized: Defeat the Nether King in Normal difficulty. Normally Hardcore: Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (normal). Overpower: Do 10,000 damage with a single attaông chồng. Peddler: Sell 500 items. Performance Enhancer: Use an enchanter 500 times. Pet Savant: Teach a pet 4 spells. Pinned lớn the Mist: Defeat the Wraith Lord. Playing With Dolls: Defeat the Ancient Rag Doll. Plunderer: xuất hiện 100 chests. Pogg Slammed: Defeat King Pogg. Quaffer: Use 50 potions. Revolt Against Artifice: Defeat the Artificer. Rock Crusher: Destroy 10 socketed gems. Self Improvement: Use an enchanter 50 times. Siege Breaker: Defeat the Siege Guardian. Skill Devotee: Obtain a tier 2 skill bonus. Skill Enthusiast: Obtain a tier 1 skill bonus. Skill Master: Obtain a tier 3 skill bonus. Socializer: Have sầu 10 friends. Socketeer: Socket a gem inkhổng lồ an thành quả. Spectacular Find: Find a legendary tòa tháp. Spellcaster: Learn a spell. Squish Gallop: Squish 500 critters. Stepping Out: Take 10,000 steps. Stone Smasher: Destroy a socketed gem. The Band Played On: Assemble TrillBot. The Big Chillhoof: Defeat Chillhoof. The Blingbearer: Socket 500 gems into lớn items. The Fall of the Wild: Defeat the Grizzled Altrộn. The Felled Guardian: Defeat the Fallen Guardian. The King is Dead: Defeat the Nether King. The One Percent: Have sầu 10,000,000 gold. Thinking Critically: Deal 1,000 critical strikes. Tippler: Use 500 potions. Trader: Trade an cống phẩm with another player. Trash Magnate: Sell 50,000 items. Treasure Hunter: Open đôi mươi chests. True Berserker: Defeat the Nether King as a Berserker. True Embermage: Defeat the Nether King as an Embermage. True Engineer: Defeat the Nether King as an Engineer. True Outlander: Defeat the Nether King as an Outlander. Twinkle Twinkle Bobba: Socket 50 gems into items. Unmasked: Defeat the King In Masks. Unstoppable: Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (elite). Vendor: Sell 5,000 items. Veterenated: Defeat the Nether King in Veteran difficulty. Wanderer: Take 50,000 steps. Well Dressed: Wear a completed armor phối. When Grell Fell: Defeat General Grell. Who”s Your Friend: Defeat the Manticore”s Mate. X Marks The Spot: Use a maps.