How do you like it?

Are they similar? Are both syntaxes gramatically correct? If yes, why vày both of them exist then?


"Do you like the colors on this shirt?"

"How do you like the colors on this shirt?"

They are both correct. The difference is that the first is a closed question & the second is an open question.

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"Do you lượt thích X?" calls for a Yes or No answer.

You cannot answer Yes or No khổng lồ question 2. You can say "I lượt thích them" or you can give an opinion.

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"Do you lượt thích the colors on this shirt?" Asks whether or not the colors on this shirt are liked.

"How vì you like the colors on this shirt?"Asks in what way the colors on this shirt are liked. This question also assumes the answer khổng lồ the other question is "Yes."


You can say "How vì chưng you like x?" especially when you want khổng lồ know the opinion of a person regarding the thing you have given as a present or something you have sầu served such as a glass of tea or a cup of coffee to lớn them:

How do you like the coffee?

You can ask that question while they are drinking the coffee. After they have finished drinking the coffee you ask:

How did you like the coffee?



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