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The year-on-year rate of change in average wages was consistently lower than the inflation rate in the years from 1915 to lớn 1918.
Supplies of imported agro-chemicals - particularly of fertilisers - were inadequate for fields often exhausted by unbroken year-on-year cultivation.
Communities may have sầu marked the generations by the great famines, but coping with the lesser scarcities và subsistence crises was part of the year-on-year routines.
Squares with very high activity, repeating year-on-year, "hotspots ", were found in all three boroughs, suggesting that the phenomena are widespread.
It is important khổng lồ note that what appear very small year-on-year changes can cause large differences between age-groups.
The outcome was a steady year-on-year increase in the average age of the national machine và equipment park.
The number of records per square were logged & then the number of positive sầu records for all the manholes in that square on a year-on-year basis.
It is both unfair & unfortunate that year-on-year disappointments in financial settlements should have sầu two effects.
The system included some subsidy for the fare-paying passenger, but there was a year-on-year increase in the number of passengers travelling on public transport.
The standard spending assessment does not take inlớn account the year-on-year work of local authorities in protecting their coastline.
Those of us who travel regularly by air have seen year-on-year the increased number of passengers at our airports.

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