Point of view

If I want to express my opinion about something, what"s the most correct form? What are the differences? What is more formal và what more colloquial? For example, in Italian, notoàn thân says In my opinion...

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, but My opinion is...



As FumbleFingers commented, none of I think … or In my opinion… or From my point of view… is as formal as In the opinion of the author. That aside, I think you have them listed in very-slightly-increasing order of formality.

More important than any differences in formality are differences in nuance & meaning. I think … may be seen as lighter-weight, more off-the-cuff, than In my opinion…, while From my point of view… may be seen as introducing a personal viewpoint or preference, possibly less objective sầu than for either of the other phrases.

If you seek less formal expressions, consider It seems to me …, It appears that …, Apparently, …, Evidently, …, It sure looks lượt thích ….But of course for formal phrasing, rather than I think plus a conclusion, instead give sầu a supporting argument or reason, followed by the word hence, followed by a conclusion.

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All three are normal vuialo.net constructions. Of the three, I think is probably the least formal.

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"In the opinion of the author"?

This isn"t formal writing. It"s presumptuous writing. If a document needs a cấp độ of formality that avoids personal pronouns, then it probably also doesn"t permit personal opinions. Personal pronouns are completely acceptable in formal writing. See any professional journal. Even doctoral dissertations allow personal pronouns.

Now, lớn your question. Each of these is acceptable, và each of these should be avoided.

I would avoid "I think" because it is a weak expression. It allows the reader khổng lồ disregard your ideas completely. "In my opinion" is slightly better if you have sufficient credibility in the subject that your opinion matters.

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If you have sầu a good reason for your idea, simply state your idea. If you"re not sure about your idea, attribute it khổng lồ someone else.