DOOM 3 PC Game is a marvelous shooting video game which is developed by id Software and published by Activision. Doom 3 Pc Game is full of action and adventure video games which was released on the 3rd of August 2004. You may also download Doom 2016 PC Game.

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DOOM 3 PC Game is based on science fiction and has both single and multiplayer mode. You have to well understand that this is a story-driven action game played from a first-person perspective. As with previous Doom games, the primary objective is to successfully pass through its amounts, getting the better of a number of enemy characters intent on killing the player’s character. Doom 3’s more story-centered approach, however, means that the player generally falls upon favorable non-player characters, who provide goals vital storyline information, and inventory items. The game features ten weapons for the player’s use to endure, including conventional firearms and explosives like a submachine gun, shotgun and grenades, plasma weaponry that is experimental, and the traditional BFG 9000 and chainsaw weapons of the Doom franchise. Enemies come in multiple forms and with distinct abilities and strategies but fall into two broad classes of devils or zombies. Zombies are humans possessed by demonic forces, who attack the player’s character using their hands and melee weapons or various firearms, while devils are creatures from Hell, most of which assault using claws and spines, or by summoning plasma-established fireballs. The corpses of devils are reduced to ashes after death, leaving no trace of their body behind.

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System Requirements for DOOM 3 PC game:

CPU: Pentium 4 or Athlon XPCPU Speed: 1.5 GHz (Intel) or 1500+ (Athlon)RAM: 384 MBOS: Windows 2000/XP (95, 98, ME & NT not supported)Video Card: 64 MB 100% DirectX 9.0b compatible Video Card (NVIDIA GeForce3/GeForce4 MX+/ATI Radeon 8500+)DirectX version: 0b (included)Free Disk Space: 2.2GB of uncompressed free hard disk spaceCD-ROM: 8X Speed CD/DVD ROM

How to Install DOOM 3 PC Game?

Download the archive from the download link given below.Right-click on the downloaded file and click on “Extract here”.You need Winrar installed to do it.Once extracted, Double click on the “DOOM3.exe” to install the game.Start the game via the game icon.Enjoy.

DOOM 3 PC Game Free Download