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The church has an east-west orientation (= has one main side facing east and the opposite side facing west).
the type of interests, activities, or aims that an organization, business, or project has, or the act of giving attention lớn a particular thing:
The development of a consistent culture of customer orientation throughout the organization is crucial for survival.
The Act requires that people should be employed without regard lớn their political or sexual orientation.

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The rest of their chapter is given over khổng lồ a Reviews of the particular orientations taken by researchers inkhổng lồ hardiness, locus of control & coping.
The relentlessly parochial orientations of congressmen and senators inevitably give them perspectives on issues at variance with presidents responding to a national electorate.
Furthermore, although on the surface narratology manifests a relatively coherent and almost monolithic theoretical project, it includes in fact diverse methods and orientations.
The thiông xã diagonal line separates the traditional orientations ofprocessual archaeology (left) from those of post-processual archaeology (right).
Within this perspective orientations have changed in the course of time, và there has always been a certain pluriformity within the group.
Significant changes in management strategy, optimal entry fee & economic benefit appear to lớn be possible by recognizing different scales và orientations of relevant stakeholders.
In the context of this paper, it is interesting to note two particular interpretations of in terms of orientations of a graph.
The preconditions for deep learning that were identified as located lớn the trainees included the areas of trainee identity, learning orientations & musical experience.
Importantly, these orientations were articulated in different ways & with different degrees of emphasis by the individuals interviewed.
Similar hypotheses regarding the foundations of successful ageing could be tested by studies that have deciphered the preferred value orientations of other, different, cultures.
The concept of value orientations has received much attention in sociological and psychological literature over the past forty years.
First, let us briefly consider the effects of symbolic orientations và demographic characteristics.
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Các tự thường được sử dụng cùng với orientation.

Similarly, the achievement index shows the more developed a society is, the less emphatic the achievement orientation of its population.
Nevertheless, large numbers of easily identifiable bone fragments gave us clues lớn the general orientation of the deposits.

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The low dynamic levels, the absence of vibrato & the laông xã of goal orientation are aspects of "mourning", a mô tả tìm kiếm he thought appropriate for his work.
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