Break up là gì

If a marriage breaks up or two people in a romantic relationship break up, their marriage or their relationship ends:

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When schools and colleges, or the teachers and students who go to lớn them break up, their classes stop & the holidays start :
If someone who is talking on a di động phone is breaking up, their voice can no longer be heard clearly.

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the coming to an end of a business or personal relationship, caused by the separation of those involved:
(of a telephone conversation) lớn become impossible lớn understand because the connection is not strong enough:
The sale of the company"s real estate và other assets was the first sign of its eventual break-up & closure.
The numerical break-up of the solution occurred soon after the last cross-section shown in each case.
The numerical break-up of these cases occurred along these outward moving extremities as noted above sầu.
The formation và break-up of families constitutes a quite complicated process that operates over time.
Collisional break-up can remix the exposure ages for some meteorites, & produce "double exposure " or other complexities for others.
The diffusing vorticity (or turbulence) fosters the development of a turbulent boundary layer which, in turn, promotes the break-up of the incoming coherent vortex tubes.
The stability analysis of a viscous liquid jet in an ambient gas reveals that there are two distinct mechanisms of the jet break-up.
The collapse of this industry in the 1980s has resulted in high unemployment & a break-up of the traditional fabric of the community.
Comtháng nouns of this type are blackout, break-up, getaway, get-together, hold-up, mix-up, sit-in, & take-off.
A very effective break-up of the interface takes place, followed by vigorous mixing of the fluid of the two originally separate layers.
These finite-amplitude waves can cause local instability and in some cases even cause break-up of the ligament.
But the calm neutrality-almost indifference-with which many younger people from the bottom of the working class heap also talk about marital break-up is striking.
Rather than risk a break-up of the state, a government may propose some measure of selfgovernment for dissatisfied citizens of a particular region.
This process evidently preceded the break-up of multinational polities, especially in the former communist bloc after 1989.
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