As well as: meaning, comma usage & example sentences

Before branding this question a duplicate, please note that I have already noticed some questions here pertaining to the use of "as well as". I have also noticed that none of the answers khổng lồ them are helpful khổng lồ clear out my confusion.

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I have come across this sentence in Michael Swan"s Practical Usage: "When we put a verb after as well as, we most often use the -ing form".

verbs after as well as

When we put a verb after as well as, we most often use the -ing form

Smoking is dangerous, as well as making you smell bad to is possible. I have sầu to feed the animals, as well as look after the children. chú ý the difference between:

She sings as well as playing the piano. (= She not only plays, but also sings.) She sings as well as she plays the piano. (=Her singing is as good as her playing.)

Also, The Free Dictionary says, "You can use as well as in a similar way khổng lồ link clauses. However, the second clause must be a clause beginning with an -ing form". See their example sentence and warning:


But this example sentence size the Merriam-Webster Dictionary puts me in confusion:


Question: What is the correct usage when we have khổng lồ use a verb after as well as?



After reading the answers, my confusion has been worsened. Is the M-W dictionary"s example sentence really wrong? I"ve come across the following sentences in another grammar book.

Justice, as well as mercy, allows it.

Sanskrit, as well as Arabic, was taught there.

The book says that as well as is parenthetical và that is why the verbs are singular here.

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In other words, it"s not a conjunction copulative or additive sầu in function; it"s simply appositive sầu.

See what Fowler says in his A Dictionary of Modern Usage:

"It is time for someone khổng lồ come to lớn the rescue of the phrase as well as, which is being cruelly treated. Grammatically, the point is that as well as is a conjunction and not a preposition. Or, to lớn put it in a less abstract way, its strict meaning is not besides, but và not only.

Its authoritative reports would help to build up an informed public opinion as well as guiding the Government.

Read "guide", it depends on would; or else substitute besides.

His death leaves a gap as well as creating a by-election in Ross and Cromarty.

Read creates; it is parallel to lớn leaves; or else substitute besides.

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It seems khổng lồ me as if Fowler asks us not khổng lồ use an -ing khung of verbs after as well as, for as well as is never a preposition. Also, if we want to lớn use the -ing form, we have sầu to lớn use the preposition besides.

My doubt again, especially after reading the appositive sầu use of as well as is : Although we may agree with Fowler"s views, can"t we use an -ing verb khung (a gerund) after a conjunction?