Which is correct: “as good as possible” or “as best as possible”?

as good as possible as best as possible

Both were suggested khổng lồ be used in the following sentence:

The activity has been performed as good/best as possible.

Bạn đang xem: Which is correct: “as good as possible” or “as best as possible”?

Spontaneously, I would have sầu immediately said the first, but my friend that studies vuialo.net is convinced of the second.


I think it just comes down lớn whether the context is adjectival...

1: We want the result to be as good as possible. (modifies the noun)

...or adverbial...

2: So we will work together as best as possible.

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(modifies the verb)

Personally I"d rather use as best we can in #2, but you can follow the liên kết there for many examples.

EDIT: As Peter points out, strictly speaking the "correct" adverbial size in #2 is well, not best.


Best is the superlative of "good" when it functions adjectivally và the superlative sầu of "well" when used adverbially.Superlatives cannot be modified by words such as "as".Using the superlative form takes a comparison khổng lồ the highest degree possible. That is lớn say - it is a singular và discreet level which cannot be graduated.Most superlatives in vuialo.net are formed by the addition of "est" lớn the adjective và the nonsense of modifying a superlative sầu with "as" can be seen in the following sentences:He built it as tallest as he could.The grass was as greenest as you could imagine.I write my sentences as smartest as I can.You are either doing something THE BEST you can or you are not.If you are buying a new phone it is either THE BEST or it is not.That"s how it is.


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