Archive nghĩa là gì

Today's update gives you the tools to lớn sort your messages with archived chats, a new design on Android and a handful of other nifty features khổng lồ make the most of your messenger.

Everything in its place

Introducing archived chats, the new tool for spring cleaning in your chat danh sách. Sort your active và inactive chats, separate personal stuff from work or banish annoying contacts to lớn your archive for some spectacular revenge!

Swipe left on a chat lớn transfer it to your archived chats thư mục. When an archived chat gets a notification, it will pop out of the thư mục & baông xã into lớn your chat các mục. Muted chats will stay archived forever.

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You can hide the archive by swiping left on it. See it again by dragging the screen down.

Pin an unlimited number of chats in your archive sầu to lớn keep your messages in the order you want. When chats pop out of your archive sầu with a notification, you can archive sầu them again khổng lồ return them khổng lồ their original place within the folder.


Bulk actions for a busy chat list

Time is money & money buys cát food, so don't waste time and make the most of the bulk actions in your chat list, now also available on for Android. Long tap on a chat to open the new thực đơn where you can select multiple chats and then pin, mute, archive sầu or delete them, all faster than ever before.

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Android's new clothes for Android got a lot slicker, starting with the app's new icon và down lớn every thực đơn in the phầm mềm sporting a new design.

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New app icon


Sliông xã new menus

Selecting messages in chats is now not only more stylish but also more functional – note the new quiông chồng forwarding button which appears right under your thumb:

More info at a glance

With the expanded chat list, you can see more text from the messages in your menu. Simply select Three lines in the Chat Settings menu lớn see up to lớn three lines per chat instead of the usual two.


Chat các mục view settings

Share and giới thiệu a lot

Want to lớn chia sẻ a message far và wide? Pull up the new streamlined sharing menu khổng lồ cover the entire screen & select your whole gang. And don‘t fret if you’re short on words, the phản hồi field now supports emoji.