Blood-Quenched – This mã sản phẩm gains a cumulative +1 STR and ARM for each enemy mã sản phẩm it destroys with a melee attachồng during its activation. This bonus lasts for one round.

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Field Marshal – Warbeasts in this model’s battlegroup gain Blood-Quenched.

Gatorman Warloông chồng – This Model can have sầu only Minion Gatorman warbeasts in its battlegroup.

Lesser Warloông xã – This Model is not a warlochồng but has the following warlochồng special rules: Battlegroup Commander, Fury Manipulation, Healing, Spellcaster, and Transferring Damage. This Mã Sản Phẩm must have sầu at least one warbeast in its battlegroup at the start of the game.

Relentless Charge – While advancing as part of a charge, this mã sản phẩm gains Pathfinder XICONX.

Henchmen – Choose one friendly Gatorman Posse unit at the beginning of the game to be Henchmen. The chosen unit gains +1 SPD và MAT & Relentless Charge.

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Sawtooth Axe <1x>

Melee Rng: 1 POW: 5 P+S: 14

Damage Type: Magical

Shield of the Conquered <1x>

Melee Rng: 0.5 POW: 3 P+S: 12

Damage Type: Magical


Bite <1x>

Melee Rng: 0.5 POW: 5 P+S: 14


Battle Host 2 Self Ctrl – UP. No

Warbeasts in the spellcaster’s battlegroup beginning their activations in its control range gain +2˝ movement when advancing as part of their Normal Movement. The spellcaster gains +2 ARM while one or more warbeasts in its battlegroup are within 3˝ of it.

Murderous Intent 2 Self Ctrl – RND No

While in the spellcaster’s control range, models in this model’s battlegroup gain Murderous for one round. (A mã sản phẩm with Murderous gains an additional die on melee attachồng rolls against warrior models.)

Barnabas has a much more distinct focus on gatormen in this incarnation. His Henchmen rule is intended khổng lồ focus on the core of his early time some 200 years ago, that of leading the gatormen as a united force. Essentially, this posse are the elites who fought by his side during the bloody carnage while forging the Blindwater. +1 SPD & MAT makes the posse match Barnabas’ own statistics, và the fact that they gain Relentless Charge means he can take over for a gatorman witch doctor quite well.


Good at making friends!

The rest of his toolkit is focused on himself and his warbeasts, granting them the same Blood-Quench rule he has, allowing hyên ổn khổng lồ have sầu a very aggressive playstyle. In conjunction with his naturally high armor, shield, and battle host, his armor can become quite impressive. It won’t happen often, but if he can kill three models with a warbeast within 2˝, he’ll have 24 armor! With powerful base attacks, players will have sầu to lớn be sure lớn keep an eye on him.

Murderous Intent, a fun new spell, allows Barnabas to lớn make the swamp horror really shine. For a cheaper battlegroup a bone swarm và bull snapper can give sầu Barnabas access to lớn powerful animày, making hlặng nigh unstoppable. Since Murderous Intent only costs 2 Fury & he has three base attacks, you’ll often cast it even when Barnabas is the only one affected.

All in all, Barnabas will be getting a lot of use in the Blindwater và Will Work for Food theme forces. And he definitely lives up to his title of conqueror.

Be sure lớn kiểm tra bachồng in each week to see another new HORDES lesser warloông xã. And don’t forget khổng lồ piông chồng up your own Barnabas come this September!